Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dino Hunt! - With MNZero

I got together with this group called MNZero —which is something of a minnesota-based rendition of the immersive, real-life art-game called SFZero— to play a game dreamed up by my friend Kate Saturday called "Dino Hunt". 

In this game,
"Tribes of prehistoric vegetarians hunt dinosaur puppets with wiffleball spears, while trying to avoid the predations of ptreacherous pterodactyls. With each meatless kill, they claim a new dish for their vegetarian picnic."
It was a lot of fun.

Each dinosaur had a number of hit points, which represented the number of times it could be hit by the wiffleballs tossed at it by the tribe of vicious vegans.  When the dinosaur is killed, it dies dramatically and offers up its bloody, yet still somehow humane, bounty.

The reclusive Stegosaurus, who fights to protect her nest of juicy beverage eggs at all costs.

An Iguanadon in his natural habitat. It fights bravely until spewing its noodly entrails upon death.

The dinosaurs are not just easy pickin's for the voracious vegetarians, though. Two pterodactyl brothers, code-named Louis and Lawrence Feldman, of the Feldman + Feldman Pteranodon firm (played by my friend Spencer Riedel and I) provided an antagonizing force to thin the ranks of the hunters.

This is me, puppeteering Lawrence Feldman in the heat of battle.

When the Stegosaur and the Iguanodon had been killed, then the real show-stopper appeared. A huge brontosaurus (inspired, I suspect, by the ingenious "War Horse" puppet by handspring puppet company) operated by several puppeteers.

This is video of the brontosaur in action:

At first, the Brontosaur seemed outnumbered
But then we learned the one thing paleontologists never knew:  Brontosaurus came equipped with water cannons!

In the end, the humans prevailed (as we always must) and had a delicious dinner of fruits (pears, pluots, apples), fruity noodle salad,  and other vegan delights.

It was, in the final assessment of MNZero:
"hands down, the best vegetarian dinosaur puppet hunt with whiffle balls that has ever been orchestrated by mankind."

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