Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Resurgence of Dreaming

Resurgence of Dreaming Manifesto
By Thomas Boguszewski and Michael McConnell

     An abundance of cameras and global internet access have made everyone into photographers, filmmakers, and journalists. This new media of the masses has made a critical mass aware of the flaws in our system. Thus, artists pursuing social realism become redundant. In this era, what role do artists play?

     I pledge to bend my art to a new purpose.
     From here on out:
  • I enact a resurgence of dreaming. 
  • I take responsibility to provide a plethora of alternatives to society. 
  • I posit potential solutions to the problems people face. 
  • I make my visions attainable, though they are born of dreams. 
  • I am aware of and celebrate human nature. 
  • I find hope not by denying reality, but by admitting to it and adapting it. 
  • I provide examples of how one can live a happy, virtuous life in a world where the traditional cycle —Schooling, employment, earning, consumption, procreation— has been exposed as flawed. 
  • I believe that we must never give up on happiness even when old methods have failed. 
  • I know it is folly to cling to failed methods! 
  • I actualize my personal visions. 
  • I also give voice to, and interpret the dreams of others. 
  • I depict characters who step outside the normal system. 
  • I break the rules and make my own. 
  • I encourage others to do the same. 

  • I make it clear that any world I dream may be useful and may make us happier, but is not the best possible world. 
  • I do not know the one right way to do things. 
  • I do not have all the answers (anyone who says he does is out to hurt you.) 
  • I know that this set of goals is only right for certain times and purposes. There are many wonderful reasons to make art out there. 
  • I do not sanctify this or any document. 
  • I break this pledge whenever I want.

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