Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Dead Enders

My friend Sam Sandak and I have been working on Sam's latest project, called The Dead Enders.  It's a teen-film-turned-zombie-attack featuring a gaggle of miscreants from Sherman Oaks, CA.

After we spent a long time workshopping the story, Sam called on me for some production art.  I made him some t-shirt logos, storyboards, and most proudly, a set of fancy character sketches for the cast.

Read on to see them!

Christopher Eifler as Oswald, a well-prepared paranoiac
who eagerly awaits the apocalypse

Ciara McCann as June Valentine - She'll put you in your place!

Jack Taylor as Zak - A brat with a cat and a baseball bat,
he loves breakin' stuff, but not like THIS.

James Hutchinson as Tommy - A James Dean throwback who
would much rather be left alone.

Brianna Vecchione as Starchild, a wandering pacifist and lover
of all living things.

Josh Sussman as Overkill - a ruthless warrior,
he's more machine than man, now

The Dead Enders is going to be an experience you won't forget!

Ask yourself...

Thank you everybody!
—Thomas Boguszewski

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